Puppy Chew Starter Pack - Softer Split & Whole Elk Combo

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This puppy antler chew starter pack includes 3 softer whole elk antlers and 3 wide cut split elk antlers. You will get a full pound of antler chews in this puppy pack. The softer whole elk chews come from the upper part of the elk antler and have a less dense core. The split elk chews are cut extra wide to expose the maximum amount of marrow so puppies go crazy for them. The chews range from 4.5" - 6" long and are perfect for puppies up to 40 pounds.

Quantity 1 = 3 whole & 3 split elk antler chews (1 pound)

If you are uncertain about the right sized chew for your dog take a look at my antler sizing page for a breakdown of antler sizes my dog weight.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions...I love talking about dogs and antlers.