Antler Dog Chew home page information

Elk and deer antlers are natures perfect chew toy…100% natural without any chemicals or additives found in commercially produced rawhide, rubber and nylon chew toys. They are long lasting, leave no mess on your carpet or furniture and are virtually odorless. Dogs find them irresistible and they are full of essential minerals such as calcium, zinc and magnesium.

I invite you to compare our products (and service) to other antler chew retailers. You will not find a finer antler chew for your dog anywhere...I guarantee it. The elk and deer antlers I purchase from my network of "shed hunters" here in Colorado are often found no more than a few hours from where I run my business and always come from wild animals that have naturally shed their antlers. Having direct access to where the antlers come from allows me to be picky and only choose the best quality antlers for your pups. Living where the antlers come from, not thousands of miles away, has its benefits.