4-Pack Large Quarter Split Elk: 7" - 9"

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You will receive: FOUR (4) pieces of Large Quarter Split Elk Antlers measuring between 7" to 9" long. These are perfect for dogs that are light to moderate chewers weighing between 50 to 75 pounds.

Order Quantity 1 = 4 pieces Large Split Elk Antler Chews

Product Description: Large quarter splits are cut from the base of the antler and may OR may not include the burr portion. If you prefer one over the other add a note at checkout and we will take care of your request. Since there is more exposed marrow in the quarter splits, your pooch can get right to the good stuff inside the antler faster and easier. 

These will not last as long for heavy chewers. For more vigorous chewing large dogs, take a look at our Large Whole Elk and Large Whole Deer Antlers. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We love talking about dogs and antlers. 

** Always supervise your dog while they enjoy their RidgeRunner antler chew. We encourage pet owners to take the time and choose the correct type, size, and density of antler for their dog. Additionally, once an antler becomes too small and might pose a choking hazard, discard and replace it with a fresh one.