Extra Large Split Deer Antler

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Product Description:

Our Extra-Large Split Deer Antler is sure to keep your big dog entertained for hours. These chews are great for dogs that are less vigorous chewers but want something a little more challenging than a softer split elk antler. The split deer antlers are longer and slimmer than split elk antlers and offer some variety to your dog's chew toy repertoire. They are packed full of the essential vitamins and minerals your pup needs for great dental health. The marrow is exposed making it much easier for your dog to get to the delicious marrow inside.

What You’ll Receive: 

  • One (1) Extra Large Split Deer Antler
    • Dimensions: 10”- 12” long

Extra-Large Split Deer Antlers are perfect for dogs ranging in size from 40 to 80 pounds and are moderate chewers. For harder chewing dogs try our Whole Elk or Whole Deer Antler chews.

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