About Us


My mother often reminds me that when I was a young boy, I frequently made the bold statement that I would one day live in the Colorado mountains. At that time I was living in suburban New Jersey and those mystical Rocky Mountains were only as close as the Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom show on my television. Regardless of that, I was fascinated with the scenery, ruggedness and wildlife of the American West. I roamed the small lot of woods behind my house as if it was the vast expanse of the Rockies. Little did I know that 30 years later my boyhood prediction would be realized, albeit with a few twists and turns before pointing myself in the right direction...WEST!

I have always been an avid sportsman and outdoor enthusiast. I prefer the comfort of a spike camp to a room at the Four Seasons. The woods and mountains are where I go for solitude and rejuvenation. Although I have picked up countless shed antlers over the years, it never occurred to me that they would serve any purpose other than adorning a shelf in my home; providing a fleeting memory of a past hike through the woods that I am so drawn to. It was not until the day I drove past a local pet store and saw the sign "Woof...dogs love elk antlers. Buy them here" that I realized that they could be used for so much more. After doing more research I realized that the antlers I found so fascinating had countless uses...antler chews, crafts, knife handles, jewelry and so forth. That was when I decided to start RidgeRunner Antlers.

I understand what it takes to provide excellent customer service and the value of standing behind a product you truly believe in. Those values are what make RidgeRunner Antlers so special and why nearly 50% of all my business comes from repeat customers.

Stephan Nicolas, CAO
Chief Antler Officer
Breckenridge, CO