Deer Antlers for Dogs

RidgeRunner offers deer antlers for sale so that your pup has an all-natural and healthy alternative to the leg of your dining room table. Our deer antler dog chews are perfect for aggressive chewers who need more of a challenge than our whole elk antlers. With a harder outer core, deer antlers provide more of a chewing challenge so your pup will have hours of entertainment. You also won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals, preservatives and additives present in most nylon chew toys made for aggressive chewers.


I’ve seen a lot of deer antlers for sale. What makes yours different?

RidgeRunner deer antlers come from wild deer which have naturally shed their antlers. Deer antlers have less marrow than elk antlers and a thicker outer core making them a long lasting chew.

Are deer antler chews healthy for my dog?

Our all natural deer antler chews contain many natural vitamins and minerals that are great for your pup's health and they also scrape and clean tartar buildup from their teeth. If properly sized to your dog's chewing temperament, deer antlers will make a long lasting chew.  They won't splinter or make a mess like beef bones, instead they are slowly ground down as your dog chews them.

Which part of the antler is best for my dog?

For the aggressive chewer, or those pups that need more of a challenge, the base of the antler is the hardest and densest parts of bone. Those pups who are newer to antler chews or prefer a softer chew, are better suited for the upper portion of the antler, which has a thinner core and more of the delicious marrow dogs love. We are happy to provide a harder or softer chew for your pup...just add a note at checkout and we will be sure to take care of your request.

I’m unsure which antler size is best for my pup.

Choosing the right deer antler for dogs can be tough, but we’re dedicated to making it easy with our handy antler sizing guide. Also please bare in mind your dog's breed, life stage and chewing behavior when choosing an antler chew.