Whole Elk Antlers for Dogs

Our whole elk antler chews are the perfect "go-to" dog chew toy for dogs that love to chew. Since the marrow is not exposed, your pup will have to work to grind the antler chew down in order to get to the treat inside. Elk antlers come in varying densities so if you would like a harder or softer chew, please let us know at checkout. The base and lower tines of the antler are very dense with less marrow making them a harder and more challenging chew. The upper portion of the antler has a thinner outer core and more marrow making the chews softer and less of a challenge...great for teething puppies, older dogs or dogs new to chewing antlers.


I’ve seen a lot of elk antlers for sale. What makes yours different?

We purchase all our elk antler chews as whole elk antlers from our network of “shed hunters” here in Colorado. All of RidgeRunner’s antler products are naturally-shed and made from the best quality antlers. Our shop is located in the epicenter of elk country and we have ready access to top quality antlers year round. Cut out the box store middleman and buy direct from the source!

Are elk antler chews healthy for my dog?

Our all natural Rocky Mountain elk antler chews contain many essential vitamins and minerals that are great for your pups health and they also scrape and clean tartar buildup from their teeth. Antler chews are long lasting and won't splinter like beef bones, instead they are slowly ground down as your dog chews them. Wild canines (as well as many other animals) have relied on shed antlers to get essential minerals since the beginning of time...add a little "wild" back into your dog's diet.

Which part of the antler is best for my dog?

The hardest and densest part of our elk antlers for dogs comes from the base which makes a great antler chew for hard chewing dogs that need more of a challenge. The upper part of the antler has a thinner out core and more marrow making these a softer chew for less aggressive chewers, older dogs or puppies. If you would like a harder or softer whole elk chew for your pup please leave me a note at checkout and we will be happy to accommodate your request.

What Antler Size Should I Get?

Not sure which size of our antler chews will be best for your pup? Check out our handy Antler Sizing Guide. If your dog's weight is on the edge of two antler chew sizes we suggest erring on the next size up. You should also factor in your dog's chewing temperament as well...pop up a size or two if you have a frequent and vigorous chewer in your pack. Smaller dogs can always tackle a larger chew but an undersized chew for a large and aggressive chewer won't last long at all. As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about any of our elk antlers for sale. Feel free to reach out for more information