Organic and Natural Dog Toys That Your Dog Will Love

Organic Dog Toys

Deer and Elk antlers from RidgeRunner Antler Chews are nature's perfect organic dog toys. They are 100% natural and lack any chemicals or additives that are commonly found in commercially produced rawhide, nylon and rubber chew toys. Our products are long lasting, healthy dog chew toys, and you’ll never again have to worry about your dog leaving a mess on your carpet or furniture.

Do All Dogs Like Antler Toys?

Dogs find our organic dog chew toys irresistible. The bone marrow contained within each of our products is full of essential minerals like zinc, calcium, and glucosamine, which are great for your dog’s dental health. A healthy dog is a happy dog!

Why Should I Choose Ridge Runner Antler Chews?

Our antler products are organic dog toys made with your dog in mind and come in many shapes and sizes. While other toys may entertain your dog, deer and elk antlers are a great alternative to rawhide or nylon chew toys:

High Nutritional Value:

Every one of our antler chews is rich in vitamins and minerals that help keep your dog’s teeth in tip-top shape. If you’re looking for healthy dog chew toys that will keep you from paying as much as you are for doggy dental care, you’ve come to the right place!

Durable and Long Lasting:

For dogs, chewing is a natural exploratory behavior. To ensure your pup is being mentally stimulated and to eliminate the unnecessary chewing of your favorite table chair, check out our deer and elk antler products. These organic dog chew toys are sure to keep your dog occupied and out of trouble!

Odor and Mess Free:

RidgeRunner Antler Chews are unique in that they don’t leave behind the same smell or stain that other chew toys do. You can rest assured that our organic dog toys aren’t just for your dog, they’re for your sanity too!

Safer Than Other Toys:

Other chew toys, including rawhide, can split while your dog is gnawing away and leave dangerous sharp edges behind. Deer and elk antlers, when purchased whole are unlikely to dry out and remain a safe consistency for your pup. That said, always supervise your dog anytime they’re chewing a new toy to ensure they aren’t playing too rough.

Let Ridge Runner Antler Chews be the only healthy and organic dog toy you’ll ever need. 

Healthy Dog Chew Toys