Choosing Safe Dog Chews for Your Dog

Here at RidgeRunner, we’re in the business of creating safe chew toys for dogs. Whether Safe Dog Chewsyou have a small Chihuahua or giant Great Dane, we have long-lasting antler chews that your pup will find irresistible. From elk antlers to deer antlers, our non toxic dog toys are all-natural, chemical- and additive-free. They are also enriched with essential minerals (calcium, magnesium, zinc, and glucosamine) that your dog needs for a healthy smile.

Our antler products are safe dog chews that keep your pup’s mouth clean, his or her mind occupied, and muscles moving. Giving your dog(s) chew toys they enjoy, can help prevent behavior issues, and can keep them from chewing on other objects. Whether your furry friend is still a puppy or a full-grown chewer, we have a variety of options to meet their needs:

 – Great for “Beginners”

These elk antlers are split in the middle, creating safe dog chews for those pups that prefer a gentler toy. Split antlers are the ideal choice if your pet is still a puppy, aging, only an occasional chewer, or new to antler chews. These make it easier for your dog to reach the nutrient-rich marrow in the middle without having to chew aggressively. With more marrow exposed, the 4-pack of quarter split elk antlers is one of the most gentle chews we have, perfect for small and medium sized dogs.

 – An Awesome Go-To

Finding durable and safe chew toys for dogs can be tough. If your furry friend is an aggressive chewer, whole elk antlers are a great option for you. They’re long-lasting and irresistible to your pup. To get to the marrow, your dog must grind through the outer-core of the antler. The base of the antler chew is the densest and hardest part to chew (great for aggressive chewers). The upper parts of the antlers are thinner and easier to chew (great for puppies or aging dogs). Let us know at checkout if you would like to specifically order a harder or softer chew, and we will happily provide you with the best safe dog chews to meet your requests.

 – For a More Challenging Chew

Our deer antlers are typically more difficult to chew than the elk antlers (split or whole). The largest and toughest antler chew we have is the Giant Deer Antler, perfect for dogs that are over 90 pounds. 

You’ll want to select your dog toys wisely, and make sure that you’re giving your dog a safe and healthy treat. Most nylon toys, beef bones and rawhide chews can splinter, leave behind unpleasant odors, and create a mess in your house. RidgeRunner Antlers creates safe dog chews that are odorless, mess-free, and filled with essential nutrients. If you have any questions about our products or which ones are best for your dog, please feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to chat.

Whether you are looking for an easy chew or more of a challenge, we have a wide variety of all-natural non toxic dog toys to give your four-legged friend just what it needs. Order some antler chews for your pup today!