How Can I Change My Dog's Destructive Chewing Behavior?

How to Stop a Dog From ChewingWhether you’ve been inseparable from your canine companion for years, or are considering introducing your family to its newest member, you’re probably wondering, how to stop a dog from chewing on something they shouldn’t be. It’s not uncommon that your newest friend will want to chew everything he or she sees. Just like hands are investigative tools for humans, dogs use their mouths to understand more about their environment. We as owners, often get angry because these exploratory behaviors can be destructive to our furniture, make a mess of our living spaces, and be detrimental to our animals’ health. Wouldn’t it be a lifesaver if we had a solution to all your chewing problems?

We can admit that chewing is a natural behavior for man’s best friend. We’ve all bought another toy at the pet store even though our dog chews toys to pieces time and time again. This destructive behavior ends up in a mess, and we end up having to buy more toys and clean it up. It’s an ongoing cycle that we here at RidgeRunner Antler Chews are conscience of and want to help owners everywhere forget.

Dogs will always be chewers. Stop worrying about how to stop a dog from chewing and start thinking about antler chews from Ridge Runner, a healthier and more enjoyable chew toy alternative that your dog will love.

Why RidgeRunner Antler Chews

Here at RidgeRunner Antler Chews, we know that the key to the age-old question: how to stop a dog from chewing, is as always simple as giving your pup something tastier than the chair leg to gnaw on. Our antler chews are a healthier alternative, providing hours of mental stimulation and exercise for your furry friend’s jaw.

If you’re still not convinced, consider the expenses of doggy dental care. Our products contain many essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, and glucosamine which help in maintaining a healthy appearance for your dog’s teeth.

Our Products:

Split Elk Antlers: Split Elk Antlers are great for puppies, older dogs or dogs that are generally new to antler chews.

Whole Elk Antlers: Whole Elk Antlers are perfect for dogs that already enjoy chewing on antler chews. These are more of a challenge and will generally last longer than Split Elk Antlers.

Whole Deer Antlers: Thicker than Elk Antlers, Whole Deer Antlers are ideal for hard chewing breeds that need a challenge.

Get Your Antler Chew Today!

Our antlers are naturally-shed by wild elk and mule deer in the Colorado Rockies and neighboring states. Stop worrying about how to stop a dog from chewing, and let RidgeRunner Antler Chews be your solution when your dog chews toys to pieces.