Selecting the Best Chew Toys for Your Dog

Whether your dog is a giant Irish Wolfhound or a tiny Toy Poodle, their chewing instinct is Good Chew Toys for Dogs
inevitable. While you may be worried about its destructive nature, chewing is a natural behavior that’s also beneficial to your dog’s overall health.

Elk Antlers for Dogs

To Chew or Not to Chew:

Knowing the difference between good chew toys for dogs and those that will cause lasting harm to your dog’s teeth is often a confusing and difficult task.  Every object that enters your dog’s mouth has the potential to harm them. They could crack a tooth, have trouble digesting, become allergic, and much more. So, it’s important to provide your dog(s) with safe and suitable objects that they can chew on. As an owner, if you fail to do this, your dog will end up finding their own chew toys, which will often end up being your new couch or an expensive pair of shoes.

With so many dog toys available these days, how do you know what the best chew toys for dogs are? The most important thing to consider when buying a chew toy for your dog is safety.

RidgeRunner sells all-natural antler chews that are good chew toys for dogs of all types and sizes. Products like elk antlers and deer antlers provide many benefits for man’s best friend and don’t contain any additives or chemicals that are common in commercially produced toys. Our antler chews also help to effectively clean your furry friend’s teeth by scraping against the tooth, loosening plaque buildup as they chew. Antlers are considered one of the best chew toys for dogs because they help with your dog’s oral hygiene and more importantly, are naturally produced.

Which Antler Chew Should I Consider for My Dog?

Safety First:

When shopping for good chew toys for dogs, it’s also important to know what type of chewer your dog is. Is your dog a vigorous and heavy chewer, often gnawing through several toys a month? Or are they a light chewer, whittling away at one toy for weeks before they need a new replacement? Knowing what type of chewer your dog is can benefit your dog’s health and save you money.

If your dog falls into the aggressive chewer category, try our Deer Antler Chews. Dogs find these antlers extremely appealing and they are full of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and zinc. If you purchase a toy that is too soft or small for your dog, it can result in the dog ingesting pieces of the toy or swallowing its entirety. This can be detrimental to your dog’s health.

If your dog falls on the latter end of the spectrum or is new to antler chews, try our Split Elk Antlers. These chews are split down the middle, allowing easier access to the softer, nutrient rich marrow within.

Best Chew Toys for Dogs

The best chew toys for dogs are composed of non-toxic and natural materials. The antlers sold at RidgeRunner come from wild elk and deer and don’t contain steroids, antibiotics or other un-natural elements found in farmed elk and deer. Browse our selection of antler chews today!

Elk Antlers for Dogs