Giant Deer Antler

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You will receive: ONE (1) Giant Deer Antler measuring between 10" to 14" long. These are perfect for power chewers weighing 90 plus pounds.

Order Quantity 1 = 1 piece Giant Size Deer Antler Chew

Product Description: Giant Deer Antlers provide hours of chewing entertainment and give your pet a safe and delicious outlet for their chewing habits and needs. Deer antlers are much denser than elk antlers and will make a long lasting treat for your voracious chewer.

All of our Giant Deer Antlers may be forked or un-forked depending on the cut. If you have a particular preference, please add a note at checkout.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We love talking about dogs and antlers.

** Always supervise your dog while they enjoy their RidgeRunner antler chew. We encourage pet owners to take the time and choose the correct type, size, and density of antler for their dog. Additionally, once an antler becomes too small and might pose a choking hazard, discard and replace it with a fresh one.